Hybrid and Electric Car Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs for all Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Shaikly Motor Company is an approved hybrid and electric vehicle garage. We have the skills, qualifications, equipment and experience to look after your vehicle and can offer great prices on repairs, maintenance and servicing for all hybrid / electric makes and models.

Our focus is on safety and the quick and efficient diagnosis of electrical systems.

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 car service mot vehicle repair garage in Colchester and Essex



As a member of HEVRA, you have the assurance that Shaikly Motor Company know what we're doing when it comes to Hybrid or Electric Vehicles. We are fully qualified to work with the unique elements found on all hybrid and electric vehicle including: high voltage systems, hybrid engines, electrical motors, battery regeneration braking systems, power inverter systems, energy / fuel management hardware systems,  electric control propulsion sensing systems and much more.

Your assurance that your vehicle is in the right hands.

Approved Hybrid Servicing


Only approved and qualified garages like Shaikly Motor Company have the tools, equipment, data and backup to work on electric or hybrid vehicles, whether you need an MOT, servicing, air conditioning, brakes, or other services. HEVRA also offers us the technical support and keeps us up-to-date on new technology. 

We offer Interim, Full and Major Servicing Packages, Maintenance Services and Repairs

Our service packages ensure that all important parts, fluids and functions are in order. Checks include: diagnostic hybrid battery health check, charging port and High Voltage cables check, inverter coolant check, brake binding check, air filter change, check of brake fluid, power steering fluid and coolant levels. Major services also cover items that are recommended for replacement every two years, including your cabin filter and brake hydraulic fluid.

 Servicing, Maintenance and Repairs

car service mot vehicle repair garage in Colchester and Essex

Got a Fault?

Got a warning light on? Car won't start or charge? We can Help...

Brake Issues?

Electric and hybrid vehicles generally use an electronic braking system to allow for regenerative braking. Whether you need brake pads, brake fluid change or other brake problems, We can help....

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in most electric and hybrid cars runs from a high-voltage compressor. If the correct procedure is not used, isolation faults can prevent the car from starting. Shaikly Motor Company has the equipment and expertise to sort out your air conditioning.

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