Fuel Efficiency + Emissions Treatments

If your vehicle isn't running as well as it normally does, hesitating or stalling when it is cold, then it could well be suffering from an excessive buildup of deposits on the intake valves. These symptoms are quite common in vehicles with Direct Injection Fuel Technology and on vehicles of 50k  miles on the clock. It can also be very costly if ignored.

TUNAP 184 - Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Assist 

This product reduces the time it takes for your DFP to clean itself. For preventive use in vehicles with diesel particulate filter that are operated with unsuitable driving conditions (e.g mainly short distance driving, Stop and Go driving). 

  • Reduces burn off temperature of the soot inside your DPF filter
  • Suitable for all diesel engines with OEM or aftermarket installed DPF                                                              Only £19.99 all inclusive of vat

TUNAP 957 - Interior Engine Cleaner 

This is to be used at point of Oil change, it dramatically reduces the build-up of carbon throughout the whole combustion system. This can be applied at any point and time.

  • Greater fuel efficiency. 
  • Removes black sludge build-up.
  • Protects engine damage due to blocked oil channels. 
  • Reduces risk of carbon build up.                                                                                                                              Only £12.50 all inclusive of VAT

TUNAP 198 - Air Conditioning Sanitiser 

This absorbs and eliminates unpleasant odours and attacks bacteria and fungal build up throughout the whole air-conditioning system. This can be applied at any point and time.

  • Removes harmful odours.
  • Quick-acting and safe disinfectant.
  • Sustained inhibition of regrowth of fungi, bacteria and micro-organisms.
  • Particularly suitable for small children, allergy and asthma and suffers.                                                          Only £19.99 all inclusive of VAT

TUNAP 183 (Diesel) 173 (Petrol) - Fuel treatments

This system agent concentrate, protects the entire fuel system against deposits and bacteria to ensure optimal fuel consumption and low harmful emissions.

  • Strong injection system cleaner.
  • Cleans injectors fuel lines and tank.
  • Stops oxidation in the fuel system.
  • Adds microscopic coating to prevent recontamination of the fuel tank, fuel lines and injectors.
  • Reduces emissions and improves fuel consumption.                                                                                             Only £12.50 all inclusive of VAT

Better Performance and Save £££

Shaikly Motor Company can help motorists avoid expensive engine damage and valve replacement to enjoy better fuel economy, efficiency and performance. With a quick and simple Valve Clean to remove excessive carbon buildup. Once the carbon is removed from the valves, you will feel an immediate difference in the way your engine performs and you'll be saving money on unnecessary fuel consumption!

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The Symptoms

Loss of power, loss of performance, stalling, increased fuel consumption.

Your vehicle may not present engine management warning lights or diagnostic codes. The first symptoms will be a gradual loss of performance and fuel economy. It is therefore recommended to have your valves cleaned every 10,000 miles or once a year to ensure that your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible and giving you the performance that you want.

The Causes

Intake Valves get dirty for a number of reasons including; cheap and poor quality fuel; Direct Injection Systems - Shell, BP, Mobil, and other leading refiners blend their fuel with detergents formulated to inhibit and remove carbon deposits from fuel injectors and intake valves. This works on engines with Port Injection, but NOT on engines with Direct Injection, as the detergents by-pass the intake valves and therefore does not get chance to clean them as the engine runs. Another culprit is EGR, or Exhaust Gas Re-circulation systems which result in increased amounts of unused fuel, oil and other deposits entering the intake ports. A vehicle used mainly for short trips will also be more prone to carbon build up. 

The Solution

We use the new TUNAP Valve Clean System..

..., which quickly and efficiently removes...


...carbon build up, valve deposits and clogging,..

.. and dissolves residual granulate particles..  

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Our Valve Cleaning is quick and cost-effective and can save you from:

  • expensive valve replacement
  • loss of power and performance
  • misfiring and stalling
  • increased fuel consumption
  • uneven handling