MOT / Service Centre Colchester

We test ALL of the following vehicles:


Class IV MOT Testing:

Cars, Light Vans and Small Minibuses - £49.37 (with online discount)

Class V MOT Testing:

Private Passenger Vehicles & Minibuses

Class VII MOT Testing:

(Goods vehicles over 3000kg up to 35000kg DGW)

Class VL Testing:

(Private Passenger 13-16 Passenger seats)

Class IV Mot - only £49.37 

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Class IV / 4 MOT Testing:

  •     Cars up to 8 Passenger Seats
  •     Motor Caravans
  •     Quads (max unladen weight 400kg
        – for goods vehicles)
  •     (550kg and max. net power of 15kw)
  •     Dual Purpose Vehicles
  •     Private Hire Vehicles and PSVs
  •     Goods Vehicles up to 3000 kg DGW
  •     Ambulances and Taxis
  •     Private Passenger Vehicles & Ambulances

Class VII (7) MOT Testing: 
(Goods vehicles over 3000kg up to 35000kg DGW)

Class VL & V (5 light & 5) Testing:
(Private Passenger 13-16 seats & over 16 seats)

We offer a FREE retest within 2 weeks. We are currently operating 2 MOT lanes and can normally book an MOT for the same day.
Please allow an hour for your MOT to be completed.

Current VOSA MOT rates :-

  • A Class IV MOT is charged at £54.85 
  • A Class VL MOT is charged at £59.55 for vehicles with up to 16 seats
  • A Class V MOT is charged at £80.65 for vehicles with over 16 seats
  • A Class VII MOT is charged at £58.60


Get 10% OFF when you book your MOT online!

When booking online, we recommend using browsers: Chrome, Edge or Firefox rather than Safari, due to Safari's failing compatibility. 



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